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Maximo 7.6 Database Configuration 

Codice corso: W0114G-WBT
Durata corso: 4hr


This course includes an overview of the process, the creation and modification of objects, views, indexes and relationships. Further, you will learn how to apply configuration changes, backup the database when DB2 is the DBMS, create new messages, and understand the various actions available in the Common and More actions available in Database Configuration. The course is delivered via interactive simulations where you have an opportunity to learn and potentially interact with the system while we lead you through the functionality. At the end you can test your knowledge by completing the short quizzes. These simulations may aid you in preparing for certification on the product.


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"Simulation 1: Overview of Database Configuration is marked complete Simulation 3: Applying Database Configuration Changes is marked complete Simulation 7: Creating New Indexes is marked complete Simulation 14: Performance Review Exercise is marked complete Simulation 5: Creating New Objects is marked complete Simulation 8: Creating New Attributes is marked complete Simulation 9: Creating New Relationships is marked complete Simulation 10: Creating Messages is marked complete Simulation 11: Common and More Actions is marked complete Simulation 12: Enabling Auditing in Maximo is marked complete Simulation 13: Enabling E-Signature in Maximo is marked complete "


Course Outline

Refer to the Course Overview for more information.

Course Outline

Refer to the Course Overview for more information.

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