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InfoSphere MDM Reference Data Management V10

Codice corso: 1Z670G-WBT
Durata corso: 2gg


This course is designed to prepare you to implement and understand the InfoSphere Reference Data Management solution and how the solution will work within your organization. You will install and use the InfoSphere Reference Data Management Hub and Console to manage data sets, data types, mappings, hierarchies and subscriptions. For each core area, the instructor will explain the high-level concepts and have you work with the feature in the lab exercises. Heavy emphasis is put on exercises and activities, allowing you to apply the knowledge that you learn in the classroom.

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This basic course is for IT Technical Specialist, Support Engineers, System Architects


There are no prerequisites to this course.


  • Understand the problems and issues RDM was designed to fix
  • Understand how RDM fit's into an organization
  • Ability to set up a development environment for the RDM solution
  • Ability to configure the RDM solution (security, life cycle state machine, property files)
  • Understand the how reference data is stored in the RDM Hub
  • Ability to use the Console to add, update and retrieve Reference Data
  • Understand the versions and translations of Reference Data
  • Understand the Life Cycle of Reference Data
  • Ability to invoke services to retrieve data set values
  • Understand the import and export of reference data.
  • Understand the ability to extend the RDM solution through UI Extension, Behavior Extension, Event Manager and Validation

Course Outline


  • Issues facing organization with respect to Reference Data
  • Overview of the Reference Data Management Solution

Installing the RDM Solution

  • Installing RDM
  • Security

Introduction to the InfoSphere RDM Console

  • Understanding the console roles

Working with Data Sets

  • The Data Sets Data Model
  • Maintaining Reference Data Sets.
  • Maintaining Reference Data Types.
  • Working with Mappings
  • Data Set states
  • Working with Subscriptions
  • Working with Translations

Advanced Topics

  • Reference Data Hierarchies
  • Compound Keys
  • Versions


  • Import and Export of Reference Data
  • Batch Export command line program (control file, scripts)
  • Invoking services outside of the Console

Customizations to the RDM Solution

  • Life Cycle state machine setup Could be an advanced topic
  • Behavior Extensions
  • Event Management
  • Validation


  • Introduction
  • Installing the RDM Solution
  • Introduction to the InfoSphere RDM Console
  • Working with Data Sets
  • Advanced Topics
  • Integration
  • Customizations to the RDM Solution

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