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IBM Cognos Analytics: Modeling with Data Modules (V11.1.x)

Codice corso: B6290G-WBT
Durata corso: 6,5h


This training teaches data modelers how to model data using data modules in IBM Cognos Analytics. Users will learn how to create data modules from different sources, such as uploaded files. They will also identify how to customize their data modules by adding joins, calculations, and filters. In addition, they will examine how to group their data (for example, by using navigation paths), how to share their data modules with others, and how to make use of some advanced modeling techniques, such as relative date analysis.

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  • Knowledge of your business requirements
  • Previous experience building reports with IBM Cognos Analytics V11.1.x


Data modeling in IBM Cognos Analytics 
• Create and use data modules 
• Intent-driven modeling 
• Use the web modeling user interface: overview 

Create a data module 
• Sources for data modules 
• Create a new data module in IBM Cognos Analytics: high level steps 
• Add and relink sources 
• Enable data caching 

Modify and refine a data module 
• What happens when you create a data module? 
• How can I modify and refine a data module? 
• Modifying the graphic representation 

Create relationship joins 
• What are relationships? 
• Create a relationship: high-level steps 
• Modify relationships 
• Create new tables

Customize data modules using filters and calculations 
• Customizing a data module 
• Creating filters 
• Viewing, editing, and removing filters 
• Creating calculations 
• Cleaning data 
• Using custom calculations 

Group data and create navigation paths 
• Group data 
• Group on a numeric column 
• Group on a text column 
• Create a navigation path 

Share a data module 
• What happens when you share a data module? 

Advanced data modeling techniques 
• Perform relative date analysis: overview 
• Using the sample calendars to enable relative date analysis 
• Create a data module for relative date analysis 
• Customizing the reference date for relative date analysis 
• Deal with multiple grains of data 
• Set security in data modules 


P.IVA 06249920965
C.C.I.A.A. REA: MI - 1880014
Cap. Soc. € 12.000,00


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